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Now Available: Lady McBlack #1

Monday, 04 March 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, madames and monsieurs, LADY McBLACK #1 is now available from the Blackglass Press webstore.


This is the first chapter of McBlack volume 2 and it picks up some unresolved plot threads from volume 1:



At the behest of her three sisters, McBlack investigates the murder of Lila Bodicker by the Wester Reapers, a mixed municipal soccer team. But whoever killed Lila does not want the Bodicker sisters to find out what really happened and before long McBlack himself is being hunted in the streets. 

Written and pencilled by Jason Franks, inked by Dave Gutierrez. 22 pages, B&W, cover by Rhys James. Get into it.


Lady McBlack #1 preview

Sunday, 17 February 2013


You want a sneak peak at Lady McBlack #1, from Black House Comics/ Black Glass Press?


Okay. Here's page 19. Pencilled by Jason Franks, inked by Dave Gutierrez. 

Lady McBlack will be launched, alongside fourteen other books, at Big Arse 3 Book Launch. Included in those other fourteen books is UNGENRED from Black House Comics, a collection of short stories written by Jason Franks. 



WHAT / Big Arse 3 Comic Book Launch / WHEN / Saturday 2nd March / WHERE / Sentido Funf / 243 – 245 Gertrude St Fitzroy Melbourne, Victoria 





Thursday, 07 February 2013


Big Arse Comic Book Launch #3 To Be Held in March

Melbourne, Australia - the Melbourne comics community is hosting its third annual Big Arse Book Launch. This year they will be launching fifteen (15) new works created by authors from around Australia and New Zealand.


Once again the launch will be conducted by the one and only Bernard Caleo.


Saturday, March 2nd from 2:00pm

Sentido Funf 243 - 245

Gertrude Street

Fitzroy Victoria, Australia

Big Arse 3 is proudly sponsored by All Star Comics.

ADVERSARIES (Pikitia Press)

Adversaries reveals simple truths through verbal and physical conflict between men and women and other folk. By M. Emery.


Awakenings 2 is a stand-alone book in a series of two volumes. It contains short stories written and illustrated by artist and animator Jesca Marisa. Awakenings is an intensely colourful and beautifully illustrated book composed of multiple interweaving stories of a surreal and fantastical nature. The book was inspired by the author's remembrance of dreams which she has woven into stories of journeys undertaken by the diverse cast of characters.


The Jewel is the third volume of artist Peter Foster’s collaboration with writer James H. Kemsley, originally featured as an adventure strip in the Sydney Sunday Sun-Herald during the 1990s. Based on Kemsley’s vivid memories of working as a patrol officer in post World War Two New Guinea, Ballantyne:The Flaw in The Jewel is a classic adventure tale in the fine tradition of Lee Falk’s The Phantom and John Dixon’s Air Hawk.

BUDD & LUU - PART I (FrankenComics)

Budd & Luu are a lovable comedic duo who get into all sorts of random and crazy adventures. When some mysterious force starts to erase their world the pair escape through a strange portal, which lands them in a high-tech asylum located in an alternate dimension. Soon, they are subjected to painful experiments, and they discover the truth about their existence, as well as the real purpose of the asylum. By Frank Candiloro.

A BRUSH WITH DARKNESS (Milk Shadow Books) Before Da 'n' Dill... before Batrisha... Dillon Naylor was the defining artist of the 90s Melbourne underground/alternative music scene. Naylor created comics for Area 7 and The Fireballs and many other bands, as well as tour posters for The Beastie Boys, Powderfinger and the Pushover Festival. This material is collected in its entirety, along with Dillon's early horror comics, unseen pages, sketches, notes and anecdotes.


DIGESTED #6 (Gestalt Comics)

The sixth issue of Bobby.N’s series, continuing the lead feature OXYGEN and a variety of other tidbits and goodies.


Graphic/Narrative #1 presents 'Panic', an autobiographical tale about the author’s struggles with an anxiety and panic disorder. The book conveys the experience of a panic attack and discusses the progression of anxiety disorders. Follow Brendan Halyday as his life falls apart around him.

KRANBURN #6 (FEC Comics)

Both Brand and Silvia are on their own personal rampages. While Silvia takes care of the Nong messenger in her own way, Brand continues levelling the playing field on the Nong home turf. Do not mess with the people of Kranburn. By Ben Michael Byrne.

LADY McBLACK #1 (Black House Comics)

At the behest of her three sisters, McBlack investigates the murder of Lila Bodicker by the Wester Reapers, a mixed municipal soccer team. But whoever killed Lila does not want the Bodicker sisters to find out what really happened and before long McBlack himself is being hunted in the streets. Written and pencilled by Jason Franks. Inks by Dave Gutierrez. Cover by Rhys James.


Tim Molloy has finally bound the exploits of Mr Unpronounceable, the ultimate anti-hero madman, into a single volume. 213 pages of throat-tearing, void questioning, dimensional tripping, laughing, crying, laughing, questioning adventures through the city of the Ever Open Eye by the creator of It Shines and Shakes and Laughs.  



SEVEN #2 (FEC Comics)

Book 2 of the Seven series follows Kat and Hans on their search for their brothers - and as they stumble on a plot of betrayal, murder and an innocent goose girl, they find that acceptance of your fate does not lead to happiness. By Alisha Jade.




The debut graphic novel by Melbourne illustrator Marijka Gooding. Retold through the eyes of a six-inch version of herself, these short stories emphasize the ridiculousness of the world and encourage others to appreciate the subtle ironies hidden in the mundane.

UNGENRED (Black House Comics)

A collection of Jason Franks’ non-genre stories. Drama, comedy, travel, autobiography, social realism and sentient robots. Illustrated by Bruce Mutard, J. Marc Schmidt, Nic Hunter, Ed Siemienkowicz, Renan L’Hopsum, Joe Pimienta and others. Introduction by Bernard Caleo.




A fantasy and sci fi anthology by some of Australia and South Africa’s most best creators. Edited by Moray Rhoda and Neville Howard.

YUCK! #7 (Milk Shadow Books)

The Universe's greasiest comix anthology returns with Yuck! #7. Original surreal black comedy from a plethora of low-lives, including Ben Hutchings, Tim Molloy, Bruce Mutard, the Phatsville crew, Gregory Mackay, J. Marc Schmidt, Michael Aushenker, Scarlette Baccini, David DeGrand, Kapreles, Frank Candiloro, James Andre, Ben John Smith, Andrew Fulton, Johandson Rezende and many more surprising sickos. Straight from the gutter into your hands. Cover by Ben Sea. Edited by Mr. Slime.



Oz Horror Con 13

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Sickos and psychos:


Franks will be a guest at Oz Horror Con 13 this weekend.


He will be participating in some panels with the AHWA and with Christopher Sequeira, Jan Scherpenhuizen and Paul Bedford. When he's not jabbering about horror comics on the stage he will be selling McBlackCriminal ElementKagemono, and other comics.


The event will be giving away some copies of McBlack and Kagemono as a raffle prize, so make sure you hang around for that if you're too cheap to buy 'em from me directly. Ropes provided, but you'll have to tie your own slipknots.


Lady McBlack in 2013

Monday, 07 January 2013

Lace up your boots, lads and lassies, because McBLACK VOL.02: LADY McBLACK is coming your way in 2013 from Black House Comics.


During the Oberg case, McBlack’s arms dealer friend Lila Bodicker was killed in an unprovoked attack by a mixed municipal soccer team, the Western Reapers–but Lila’s three sisters, Laura, Layla and Lauren don’t believe it. They set McBlack to the task of discovering what really happened–if he can survive long enough. Because whoever had Lila killed does not want the Bodicker sisters to find out what really happened and before long McBlack himself is being hunted in the streets.


Unlike the stand-alone ONE SHOT and TWO SHOT colour annuals that were published in 2011 and 2012, LADY McBLACK is a 3 issue B&W miniseries/graphic novel that continues the story begun in McBLACK Vol.01. The new volume is written and pencilled by Jason Franks, with inks by Dave Gutierrez and a backup feature illustrated by Aly Faye.


We will also run a letter column through the serialized three issues… If you send us some awesome letters. Send all correspondence to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and indicate that it’s okay to publish, if you want to see your name in print. If not… Franks might just make something up and sign your name to it.



As a further treat, the McBlack webcomic, serializing Old Smiley's adventures that are alread in print, will be resuming on tomorrow starting with "The Delucci Bambino", the short published in last year's CRIMINAL ELEMENT anthology.


Criminal Element is back

Friday, 19 October 2012

Okay! Criminal Element, the Black House Comics crime anthology edited by Jason Franks (and containing a McBlack short story) is now finally available in Australia.


Click over to the Blackglass Press webstore and buy yours today:



If you bought one of the original misprinted versions at the Big Arse 2 comics launch in March please let us know and we’ll replace it for free. North American an European customers, you’ll probably find it cheaper and more convenient to order from Indyplanet:


We should also be up on fairly soon.


Going Digital

Friday, 14 September 2012

Blackglass Press is pleased to anounce that we now have a new digital reseller: Graphicly.


In the coming months all of the McBlack books currently in print will become available to across a variety of digital platforms. Our various anthologies will follow suite, starting with Criminal Element. 


To begin with, the re-lettered, re-edited first issue of McBlack volume 1 is now available for purchase on web platforms as well as Kindle Fire and iOS devices through the iBookstore. Nook and Kobo versions are pending.


The price is nice, too: $0.99 for 24 pages of brain-melting action and metafictional smart-aleckry by Jason Franks and Dave Gutierrez. Point your browser here:


Criminal Element on Indyplanet

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hey folks,

Some of you will remember my beleaguered crime anthology, Criminal Element is a multi-genre crime anthology by an international crew of artists and writers and it's my great pleasure to make it finally available to you. McBlack Vol.01.

There is a new Australian edition in the works as well--please stay tuned and I'll let you know once it's available. Also coming soon to and in digital form from Graphicly.

In the meantime, the American edition is available here. Get 'em while they're hot!


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